Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, is RevolutionTruth?

RevolutionTruth (A.K.A. RevTruth) is a future nonprofit organization and a growing, global community of similar-minded people who both wish to, and intend to, change our world. We conduct online panel discussions on complex issues and use legal means to work to restore the rule of law.

When were you founded? By whom?

RevolutionTruth began in November 2010 as a video project and open letter to the U.S. government in support of WikiLeaks' right to publish information from whistleblowers. The organization and its fundamental concepts, were conceived by its founder, Tangerine Bolen, and came into reality due to the ongoing work of a committed group of people from multiple countries.

Is your organization focused on the US government only?

Yes, however, the United States has tremendous power to shape international policy and to affect the rights of citizens in other nations as well as its own citizens. While our work is directed at the US government, the aim of our efforts is to work for the fundamental human rights and civil liberties of all people everywhere.

Are you nonprofit?

Not yet but we will be filing for both a 501(c)3 and a 501(c)4 to back our media production and advocacy work.

How are you funded?

Entirely by the public. As a nonprofit, we will be seeking donations both large and small, or donations in kind. We are thrilled for any kind of help we receive. Please help us grow!

How is Michael Moore involved in this project?

Michael Moore endorsed the WikiLeaks campaign and endorses our organization. He appeared briefly in our first "letter film" about WikiLeaks and held a small fundraiser for us in Portland, Oregon, where we are headquartered.

How can I get involved?

RevolutionTruth is always looking for new members and volunteers to aid in our growth and our ability to facilitate real change. If you are interested in becoming part of the team, there are many different capacities in which you can be of use. If you have certain skills (marketing, editing, production, a legal background, etc.) which you think would be useful to our projects, we encourage you to send us an email using the Contact form on our website and tell us a little bit about what you may have to offer! You can also follow us or join one of our Community Groups on your favorite social network.

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